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 +====== Duga, a live video streamer ======
 +Duga is a tool that combines multiple video and audio streams from cameras, microphones,​ files and static images. It is intended for streaming lectures in [[http://​​f/​00000001.jpg|format similar to DefCon]], where you need to mix slides, the speaker and the audience.
 +Duga will be integrated to [[project:​presentationcenter:​start]] to stream future [[:​video:​start|brmlab lectures]].
 +  * Add and remove streams runtime.
 +  * Combine and switch multiple sources, put them side-by-side or [[https://​​wiki/​Picture-in-picture|picture-in-picture]].
 +  * Graceful error handling (missing frames, desynchronized clock, accidentally disconnected cameras…)
 +  * Adjust brightness, contrast, volume level.
 +  * Script-friendly text-based configuration and control.
 +The following image shows video from a webcam, a small video of kittens (which is definitely important) from a file and brmlab logo overlay with demonstration of smooth alpha compositing (the blue strip).
 +{{ :​duga.jpg?​direct&​600 |}}
 +===== Sources =====
 +===== Guide =====
 +  * [[:​duga:​user]]
 +  * [[:​duga:​programmer]]
 +===== TODO =====
 +  * test it with various video and audio sources to see if it is stable and if some A-V sync will be needed
 +  * maybe add TCP server for controlling via socket?
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