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Duga, a live video streamer

Duga is a tool that combines multiple video and audio streams from cameras, microphones, files and static images. It is intended for streaming lectures in format similar to DefCon, where you need to mix slides, the speaker and the audience.

Duga will be integrated to presentationcenter to stream future brmlab lectures.


  • Add and remove streams runtime.
  • Combine and switch multiple sources, put them side-by-side or picture-in-picture.
  • Graceful error handling (missing frames, desynchronized clock, accidentally disconnected cameras…)
  • Adjust brightness, contrast, volume level.
  • Script-friendly text-based configuration and control.

The following image shows video from a webcam, a small video of kittens (which is definitely important) from a file and brmlab logo overlay with demonstration of smooth alpha compositing (the blue strip).




  • test it with various video and audio sources to see if it is stable and if some A-V sync will be needed
  • maybe add TCP server for controlling via socket?
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