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 +====== Tesla TE-400 firmware upgrade ======
 +Here is the single important URL which cannot be found on the internet, must be sniffed on wire: http://​​1509M_S9M_INTER_SAT/​upgrade.cfg
 +If you care about the entire request:
 +GET /​1509M_S9M_INTER_SAT/​upgrade.cfg HTTP/1.1
 +Accept: */*
 +Accept-Language:​ en-us
 +Accept-Encoding:​ *
 +User-Agent: DQVOD
 +Cache-Control:​ no-cache
 +Connection: Keep-alive
 +HTTP/1.1 200 OK
 +Server: nginx/​1.14.2
 +Date: Sat, 31 Aug 2019 00:57:51 GMT
 +Content-Type:​ application/​octet-stream
 +Content-Length:​ 170
 +Last-Modified:​ Thu, 13 Dec 2018 02:31:01 GMT
 +Connection: keep-alive
 +ETag: "​5c11c465-aa"​
 +Accept-Ranges:​ bytes
 +{"​software":​[{"​version":​ "​V8.11.07"​},​{"​fileName":​ "​S9M_intersat.bin"​},​{"​msg":​ "Add Net Upgrade"​}],"​database":​ [{"​version":​ "​null"​},​{"​fileName":​ "​null"​},​{"​msg":​ "​null"​}]}.
 +Unfortunately,​ it's eCos, so no Linux shell on your TV :(
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