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 +====== Network manager ======
 +I have tried NetworkManager and Wicd and was unable to configure them to do what I wish (despite being just a regular laptop user). People keep asking what do I use instead: my own scripts. They are very simple and crude, but easier to use and debug than some daemons, at least for my use-case.
 +Config files: wpa_supplicant blocks in /​root/​nm/​*.conf. E.g. /​root/​nm/​nsa.conf
 +  ssid="​nsalitomerice"​
 +  psk="​MsTD2Q2tpRA"​
 +  priority=1000
 +  disabled=0
 +  * cn: connect to a wifi network. Argument: network handle (or pick one automatically if none is given)
 +  * cne: connect to an ethernet network (could be extended to use a fixed MAC, 802.1x or static IP - I use such network only very rarely, so it's not scripted)
 +  * cnlog: log basic information about network we have just connected to
 +  * rn: drop connection to network
 +  * swi: switch interfaces. Arguments: old, new. E.g. swi eth0 wlan0 to switch from wired to wireless. Does not take care about DHCP client, so your lease may expire.
 +  * warn_services:​ show if something is listening to the world. My distribution (Debian) used to have really shitty init system that occasionally started network services despite being disabled. So I was for example broadcasting private Samba shares to public networks. Now one shitty init has been changed for another shitty one (systemd) and other applications [[:et|keep listening]].
 +===== BUGS =====
 +  * Option to disable roaming between APs of the same SSID. I have not found how to do this in wpa_supplicant.
 +  * Make adding a new wireless network easier.
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