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 +====== "​Free"​ mobile internet from ======
 +[[http://​​]] offers free (actually 33 CZK/month that can be spend for calls and premium SMS) "32/16 kb/s" internet service. This sounds great for users like me that use mobile internet once a while for SSH and plaintext e-mails. How useful it is?
 +I have tested it on 3G in Prague. SSH is fine and even fullscreen applications like htop, vim and irssi are perfectly usable.
 +Browsing web… depends on page size. Normal pages are fine, modern bloated web is very slow.
 +Download speed: 3.9 KiB/s on both HTTP, HTTPS and SSH on standard and non-standard ports.
 +Upload speed: 1.5 KiB/s
 +--- ping statistics ---
 +128 packets transmitted,​ 128 received, 0% packet loss, time 127166ms
 +rtt min/​avg/​max/​mdev = 27.000/​55.416/​84.371/​11.572 ms
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