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Project Description Owner Last Change
efcl Even faster channelizer of... 9 days ago
gsmtk gsm sniffer and decryptor... 2 weeks ago
deka A5/1 cracker https://brmlab... 4 weeks ago
makroskop Unnamed repository; edit this... 6 weeks ago
blobutils binary processing in unix... 8 weeks ago
tesco-utils command-line interface to... 8 weeks ago
kukuruku An interactive SDR client... 2 months ago
ntpcreg Unnamed repository; edit this... 3 months ago
xbarber Linux port of HelenOS killer... 3 months ago
jendasap track payments in a hackerspace 4 months ago
fsb.git FSV drone timestamping tool 6 months ago
tetra-listener fork of 8 months ago
mypower rtl_power-like analyzer using... 11 months ago
duga A live video streamer https... 11 months ago
skodic Unnamed repository; edit this... 13 months ago
osmo-tetra fork of http://tetra.osmocom... 13 months ago
fcl Fastest Channelizer in Litoměř... 14 months ago
szdc squelch for a railway communic... 14 months ago
network-manager KISS network init scripts... 15 months ago
brmpaw2 Second version of brmpaw ... 18 months ago
larp spaceship simulator for a... 18 months ago
krokodil 3D-print your CT/MRI scans... 19 months ago
polysort C++ homework - CSV sorter 19 months ago
kalibrate-everything calibrate your SDR with GSM... 21 months ago
jendabot IRC bot 21 months ago
moa apply FIR to temporal componen... 22 months ago
flashread read parallel flash memory... 23 months ago
screensaver Example xscreensaver module... 2 years ago
fmrec monitor multiple audio signals 2 years ago
kiviak dyndns implementation, https... 2 years ago
ekg ekg reading with some sample... 3 years ago
fff signal direction finder, https... 3 years ago
tritchori.git (obsolete) Radio reconnaissanc... 3 years ago